Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gay Marriage: Rights and Wrongs

As I start to write more of these blogs I am realizing that there is a lot that has to go into these. I am going to continue to write them but not quite at the pace that I would have liked. The main thing is getting good quality topics to write about. Well, this particular topic is one that is highly debated in the social and political world.

I will first come out and say that gay marriage should be 100% legal. I want to get that out of the way so I can discuss the injustice that is currently happening in today's world. Gays are people just like anyone else; they eat, crap, go to work, place one foot in front of the other, and they even have children of their own thanks to modern medicine. They live their lives like everyone else but there is something missing in their lives that every other American enjoys. The freedom to be in love and have that be fully recognized by their government.

Yes, this is indeed very important and not only because they want to be recognized but because they want to have the same legal rights that I have as a heterosexual married man. Gay partners are not able to claim the most basic of possessions if their loved one dies because they are not legally married. Property that would pass from Husband to wife in the time of a death does not occur automatically in a gay relationship. Only because the government won't acknowledge that they are a productive healthy couple in society.

I have no problem giving rights that I enjoy to someone who doesn't have them. To deny them, regardless of your religious beliefs, is derogatory, unjust, and is simply un-American. Gays are not asking to be recognized by the church, they are asking to be recognized by their country. The United States is supposed to be separated by Church and State. Yet, so many of our leaders and the public want to instill the beliefs of one religion when we are supposed to be a country of all religions. If we truly want to be the country for all people of this world the least we can do is give every person the same rights. Doing this will not lessen the power and importance of my marriage or anyone elses. In fact people who are in such an up roar over gay marriage should then also look at heterosexuals for defacing the value of marriage. The couple who goes to places such as Las Vegas and gets married after knowing each other for 1 month, and then getting divorced 1 week later because they can't stand each other. They lower the value of marriage more than gays do.

So many people in this country feel that if we allow gays to have the same rights as everyone else that they will take over the world with their evil doing and dirty ways. Gay people are like anyone else. They want to be loved, have a home, and for the most part be left alone to live their lives. In fact, if they are given those rights then just as racial tensions have gradually gone away in our country so will this hate for gays. I am not gay, but I am a human being. Just like with womans rights, and African American rights, and every other ethnic background inequality I can't imagine how difficult it is to live and be judged because of something you can't control about yourself.

That leads to another argument that opponents of Gay marriage have, they believe that people who are gay choose to be gay and that they are knowingly sinning against God. While there has been no direct evidence in the genome to suggest that being gay is genetic. It has been proven that hormone levels when the child is born can greatly influence how the child develops later in life including sexually. Hormones are very powerful and influence everything from the way we talk and move to the hair that grows on our bodies to the people we like and the way are bodies are shaped. Some evidence has shown that children as young as 4 years old can tendencies that lead to homosexuality. Children who have never had any contact with someone who is gay. No person can say that a 4 year old is choosing to be that
way or lead their lives that way on purpose. Hormones are extremely powerful and scientists are still only begining to discover everything that they affect in our bodies.

Regardless of whether you believe it is right or wrong to be gay, that doesn't matter. What matters here is that one American is not getting the same rights as another because they are different. It doesn't matter what the difference is, if you aren't receiving the same rights as everyone else you are in the same position that blacks, women, and many others have been in our history, a second class citizen. This is an issue regardless of your position, you can not deny one thing. A fellow American is being denied their rights. There are many things I don't believe in, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't have the right to do them. I don't believe in God but I respect that others do, I don't believe everyone having a gun is necessary but I respect that others need to, I believe that not everyone should be allowed to have children but I know it would be wrong to deny someone that basic human right.

The point to all of this is denying gays their rights will only further separate this great nation. Lets put all of our differences aside and realize how many things we can accomplish together. First though we have to accept who we are and who are neighbors are. Once we do that with every different race, sexual orientation, intelligence, nationality, and whatever else that makes us different we will truly be the greatest nation this world has and will ever see.

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