Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Jack Ass"

Have I got your attention? This is my first political blog and I figured I should write about something that is in the news about someone who is political.

Barack Obama, as you all know is the 44th President and the first African-American man to hold that position. He is smart, well spoken, and unfortunately for some, Democrat.

Kanye West(shown above at the VMA's), as most of you might know is a rapper and subject to a bit of controversey this week. If you haven't heard what he did, I will tell you. At the Video Music Awards on Sunday 9/13/09 the young and talented Taylor Swift won her first award for the very popular award show. Like every other award show and like everyone who has every won an award she was "stunned" and "amazed". She graciously walked up to the stage and accepted this award. At this point, Taylor Swift is shaking from the enormity of the situation and being on the stage trying to accept this award, Who can blame her. She is only 19 and seems a pretty shy one at that. Then, from the side of her the "Jack Ass"( or Kanye West) takes the microphone from her. He then goes on to say that Beyonce Knowles music video, whose video was also up for the award, was the best video "EVER". I emphasis ever because Kanye did.

Whatever you think of the videos is irrelevant. What Kanye West did what pretty much as low as you can go to put down another human being. He of course was trying to prop up Beyonces video but instead put down a rising star and made himeself look like the ultimate "Jack Ass".

This leads into the political aspect of this discussion. After the award show this week, Kanye was of course all over the news. Well who else is always in the news but for other reasons, Barack Obama. He was giving his one millionth interview on health care reform and while off the record He showed his true opinion on the subject. It has always been well known that if someone important or famous is off the record that it indeed stays there. Well, in this age of Twitter, video phones, and other communication devices nothing seems to be off the record anymore. Barack Obama was talking to the crew who was handling the interview when the interviewer asked Barack what he thought about Kanye's little show of support for Beyonce. Barack in his cool demeanor says, "the young lady seems like a perfectly nice person, she’s getting her award, what’s he doing up there? He’s a jackass."

This is of course coming from the President of the United States. Probably not the most presidential phrase He could have used to describe the situation, but it was true none the less. There are those right wing guys who will bash him for not using the proper words in his opinion of what happened. There will be others who say he needs to watch his mouth, What would leaders of the rest of the world think about this? I think more than anything this shows how much of a down to earth regular American He is. Many people say that the President should be above such criticisms, but I say because he says this he has a better understanding of who we are as a nation. We are not a snooty turn our noses up to the world country. We say it how it is, and I believe Barack Obama is our first President to possess the majority of everyday American values.

Most Presidents were born into rich family up bringings and lavish lifestyles. They were pampered and groomed to be leaders of the world by the time the rest of us are learning how to read. For that reason the politicians and Presidents of this nation have for the most part been rich, stuck up, and completely disconnected from the American public. Barack, however is different. Now regardless of what you think of his political views Barack is most definitely a different guy than most presidents we have had. He was not raised in a rich family home, He was not groomed and watched to make sure He did everything right growing up. He did not have a father to rely on. Even after He finished law school He didn't take a big time Attorney position. He went back to work in his community, and helped those who needed someone with a voice to help them have one of their own.

I, as an independent, don't agree with some of the things Barack has done this year, but I do believe that at no other time in history that we have a President who understands the pulse of the American public. He knows it because He has lived it. From being poor and part of a multiracial family with no father, to helping his community and working his way through the ranks of politics. So many believe He has his own agenda and is taking hand outs. I personally believe he is doing what He thinks is right for his country, his race, his daughters, and the citizens of this great nation. I believe, regardless of his experience, He knows what will drive Americans to want to live better. Sure, He leans very socially left, but He also believes very stongly in personal responsibility.

That leads me back to his comments about Kanye West. Barack was right to say what every last American was thinking even if they all didn't say it. That is what makes Barack a great President. Democrat, Independent, or Republican it doesn't matter. Barack spoke for every last one of us and if you can't admit or won't admit that then your lying. There are those who will never agree with what he does politically now matter how small the the issue but regardless of his policies He most definitely is American through and through.

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