Friday, October 16, 2009

Good to see Washington still has a Sense of Humor

Did anyone see the Jay Leno show last night? If you didn't, you should definitely check out this clip. All the ramblings going on in Washington right now with the health care debate raging, Jay decides to go there and play a skit on how even politicians can get along.

Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Steve Latourette of Ohio agreed to do the skit. Kucinich is a democrat and Latourette is a repulblican. Of course they differ strongly on the health care debate, but they do share something in common. They know how to step back from the seriousness of whats going on and make complete fools of themselves. Both agreed to do this skit that shows each other sitting in front of a TV with snuggies on, giving each other chamgpne, swinging each other on swings, and singing kumbaya.

This was a great skit that shows even politicians can have a sense of humor. When there are heated debates going on in Washington, its good to know our leaders can take a step back and laugh at their ridiculousness. Check out the video below.

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