Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pelosi Sucks

I thought I would go a little lighter on this edition and direct everyone to a silly website. Pelosi is a random website that I found that highlights our lovable speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.

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I am not a huge fan of Pelosi, but I am not over the top against her either. I am not big on sites like these but it highlights what is wrong with someone like her being in such a powerful position. I disagree with many of her views on policies and I feel she needs to realize she is in America, not Europe. I think she forgets that sometimes.

I am an Independent, I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I can't stand the way Democrats have run things lately and it is so hard to trust Republicans. It seems like every Republican is out for himself and it seems like every Democrat wants to save everyone at the expense of everyone else. It really is ok to let some people suffer. By allowing people to not feel entitled, they discover their ability to suceed or fail when they try hard for something. When you're allowed to just fall back on the system why would you ever fight hard to make sure you become successful?

Pelosi is someone that should never hold a high office position. Just like George W. Bush or someone like him should not hold a high office position. The issue with both of these leaders is that they are far too polarizing. This is never a good thing when you are trying to get bills passed and bipartisanship in Washington. When you are a leader you need to be able to hear and understand both sides of any argument. If you are too far to the left or the right, in any debate, you fail to understand what the other side is even trying to accomplish. What comes of this are 2 sides that don't understand each other at all and can never come to an agreement. Funny, hasn't Washington been this way since 2000. Bush, who is as hard right as they come led the republicans, and Pelosi who is as hard left as they come has been leading the democrats.

The point of this is that our leaders need to be middle of the road, while our lower level congressmen need to be our hardcore liberals and conservatives. Congress would be far more effective if they did not have hardlined leaders who are unwilling to budge when it comes to debating these very important issues. When you have a leader who understands both sides of any argument you get a leader who is willing to negoiate with both sides. You get a leader who can introduce compromises without aleinating completely one side or the other.

This is precisly the reason Washington has become non-biparsian over the last decade. By having leaders who are hardliners at the top of your party, what you get are parties with no leaders at all. The purpose of a leader is to listen to all sides and pick out what is best from all sides. The leader is supposed to encourage those strenghts in their subordinates to help them thrive and excel. All Bush and Pelosi have done over these 10 years is encourage the poor decisions and attributes of their own parties while not listening to the quality legislation that may have been introduced by the opposite party.

What is missing in Washington D.C. are leaders who are willing to step back and see everyones morals, everyones values, and everyones strengths. Sometimes being a good leader means you need to put aside your beliefs and truely listen to all those who have a great idea. George Bush has his strengths as a politician but they are not as a leader. He is a down to earth person who communicated with his constituents very well. This why he was a good governor. He was aware of the concerns of the people of his state and knew how to run it to be successful. We all know that Texas is not the United States. You can't run a country like you do a state. To run a country, you need to not only think of your countrymen, but also how the rest of the world views your country men. Both are equally important, especially when talking about the most powerful nation in the world.

Just like Bush, Nancy Pelosi is a fine politician. I do believe she has many strengths that can be useful in Congess. She is a mother of five and has very strong values that have built up over her lifetime. She is not one who sways easily and would be best used as a pitbull to gather base support from her party on major issues. She is not however a leader; one who listens, learns, and gets the best out of those beneath her.

In a way Pelosi does suck, not at being a congress woman, but at being a leader. What is needed today, in times of great peril and economic stress, are great leaders not great congressmen.

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