Monday, October 19, 2009

Should Pot be Legalized?

This week the Justice Department informed federal officials not to arrest people with prescriptions to medical marijuana or the doctors that prescribed it. This new ruling only applies to the 14 states that allow medical marijuana. Officials say it is a waste of their time to go after people who have gone through the proper channels to receive these drugs which can be very helpful to people in pain.

This move was made because of the change in administrations, but one can suggest that maybe our government is gradually loosening the strangle hold it has on this drug. Pot is a drug of course, but it is unlike any of the other illegal drug in our country. In fact some would argue that alcohol is far more destructive to a person than pot, and alcohol is legal. I haven't formed my opinion yet on whether pot should be legal. I know a few people who have used pot and the way they argue the point of legalizing it is very convincing. It is not a drug that kills you or makes you flip out and go crazy on people. It is not addictive and it is a drug that calms you down. It helps countless people who are in great pain everyday, and allows them to function without the side effects of many pain medications today.

Like I said, I am not firm on my opinion yet on legalizing it, but in the very least allowing people who have a medical need should be legalized nationwide. I have heard plenty of stories of people who have been in chronic pain that use pot to overcome it, and lead healthy and productive lives. Check out the video and let me know what you think about the issue.

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