Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gay Marriage Loses Again

The election that was held on Tuesday, November 3rd in Maine was to decide on the issue of allowing same-sex marriage.  Just like 30 states before it the measure got voted down.

The margin of it not passing however is very telling on how our societies views on the measure is changing.  In California, a similar vote was held in 2000 that would have forced the state to recognize same sex unions, that measure failed 61% to 39%.  In Maine the measure lost by a margin of 53% to 47%.  In California last year, Proposition 8 was a law to stop same-sex marriages from being recognized by the state.  That measure won but by a far less margin then just 8 years prior.   The result were 52% to 48%.  Also the exit polls were very telling on where the trends are headed.

Of everyone who voted for Prop 8, 70% of them were 65 or older.  Those under 65 voted against the measure 2 to 1.  Given demographic shifts same sex marriage laws will change over the next 20 years whether people like it or not.

You just need to take a look back at how are various generations see and accept people for who they are.  The greatest generation are a people who are very close minded and set in there ways.  They would never accept or allow anyone different to have the same rights as them.  Baby boomers are more accepting but don't understand why gays need to have the same rights.  Seeing as baby boomers are the main generation in power now, you are begining to see a shift in society regarding the laws of same-sex marriage acceptance. 

15 years ago these same-sex marriage measures would have lost 75% to 25%, now however they are almost even.  Then you have Generation X, this is where you will see these measures start to pass and equal rights begin for gay couples.  Gen X( people aged 29-46) people are just starting to come into power in business and politics.  There acceptance and ideals are even more evolved than their parents.  Of course there are still many amongst the group that do not accept gays for who they are and will always reject them.

The Generation that will rid the country of the discrimination of gays will be when the Generation Y and Generation_Z come into there own and become the power leaders of our country.  These generations are more accepting than anyone can even imagine.  Go to a local high school and you will find clubs and events held for gay students.  This is something that was not even accepted 10 years ago.  Talk to a high school student about a gay friend and they talk about them like they are just someone in the gang who likes the same-sex, whats the big deal?

The point is that gays in society where considered a fuapau even just 10-15 years ago.  Today, amongst those who are less than 30 it is very accepted, and those still in there teens it is a way of life.  They don't even see it as being weird to have gay and straight friends who all hang out.  They are the ones who will put into place the laws necessary to give gays their needed rights.

It is wrong to deny anyone equal rights because they are different.  They are asking for these rights not to be accepted by society or accepted by a religion.  They are asking for these rights so they can be at the bed side of a loved one if their dying or claim possessions of a loved one if they pass on.  There are many  basic human rights they don't get because their union is not recognized by the government.  The argument that it will deminish the value of your marriage is a terrible reason to not allow another American the same rights you have.  Their marriage has nothing to do with yours, just like yours has nothing to do with your neighbors.  By denying them these rights you are only strengthening their cause.

Some day these laws will pass not because of will or hope or determination, but because as the generations go,  people become more and more tolerant to change as they begin to understand that it is wrong to deny those who just want to be included like everyone else.  The American way of life is not the perfect way of life, but it allows us to gradually see our faults and mistakes and gives us a chance to fix them.

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