Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sports Around the World

To commemorate the victory by the New York Yankees this week, I figured I would do an edition to sports.
I am a huge sports fan along with my passion for politics and history. My favorite sport is baseball but don't follow one team.

I believe I get a better sports experience by not following one team, but enjoying the sport for what it is. By doing that I can walk in to any game, no matter who is playing, and enjoy it all the way through. Then, regardless of who wins I can honestly say I enjoyed the game.

Those who are die hard fans of a certain team are always spending the whole game stressing, and then are in a bad mood when their team doesn't win. Half the time they don't have a good time because their team lost and the rest of the time they were so stressed out until they did win.

Sports is about enjoying the game and having a great time with family and friends. People say it is about the competition, but they are on the sidelines. Once you are done playing sports in your life, sit back and enjoy the games don't keep competing. If you want to compete go back out and play the sport.

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