Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What If? Part 1

Being a history buff I always like to go back and think about what life would have been like if certain events didn't take place.  What if Christopher Columbus had not gotten funding to sail west, Hilter's father and brother not dying when He was young,  or if John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated.  What would our world be like if some of these key events never took place.

This post will be the first of many in a series looking back at key events in history that completely altered our lives.  Being able to trace back in history the very reasons why we do something or who we are is, in my opinion, extremely fascinating.   I have written a post, Does History Have To Be Boring, that linking historical events to present day would be the best way to teach history.  By linking past events people get a direct connection to those events, and in turn can relate to the people who were there at the time those events were occurring.

Today, even as I write this, the seeds of future events are being laid down to change our world forever.  The  best way for us to tell what might happen in the future is to look into the past, put ourselves in the place of people who lived through these events, and figure out why they responded the way they did.  By doing this we can figure out if they made the right choice or not, but also if they had chosen differently, would it in fact have made the course of history a better one.  That is at the heart of this and future posts, What If?

We can say it would have been better to get rid of Hitler before He came to power, but how do we know that by doing that, that there would not have been a far worse outcome than even the one that did actually occur.
I am going to take an event that occurred in History and look at what caused it, if anything different could have happened, and if changing it could have made this world a better place.

This post is just a teaser for what I hope will be an interesting and engaging set of topics.  The first one I plan to do is on an event that I believe changed the course of American politics more than any other event in our nations history.  The assassination of JFK was such a profound moment because it was at a crucial time in the Cold War and also was at the dawning of a new generation(the baby boomers).  This generation would learn about their government and realize that it was more corrupt than anyone could imagine.  The assassination started the avalanche of mistrust with our government that still exists today and may never go away.

I hope everyone who reads these will think about how different things could be in our world had events occurred differently.  Also, to make people realize that the smallest things can change the entire world.
I'll leave you with this.  Hitler, as a boy was a very happy outgoing child that was full of life.  When He was 11 his brother died of measles which changed him into a boy who was closed off and angry at the world.  When his father died 3 years later, Hitler blamed the Jews who his father owed money to, for forcing him to work as hard as he did.  These 2 events possibly changed the course of history for millions of people.  So, think about the next time a child has a tough up bringing what they might become, and the hatred that could be fueled inside.  What if Hitlers family had not died in the way they did and when they did, What if?

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