Saturday, August 13, 2011

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What are the problems with our tax system in the United States?
  • People falsely assume that we are overtaxed
  • Currently the US is ranked 62nd in the world in taxation to GDP ( including local, state, and federal taxes)
  • Our system is overly complicated and taxes us from too many sources
  • Our system threatens to tear our country apart
  • The rich feel that the poor do not pay taxes
  • Rich pay more in federal taxes but have many deductions and tax breaks not available to lower-income citizens
  • Poor and middle class citizens pay more as a percentage of income than the rich in Social Security, Medicare, sales tax, etc.
  • Poor also pay property, gasoline taxes, vehicle registration, toll roads, etc.
What is the solution to our complicated tax system?
  • Institute a flat tax
  • Eliminates the current tax structure, social security taxes, medicare taxes, sales taxes, deductions, etc
  • Opponents of a flat tax say that it favors the rich but with all the taxes the poor pay it benefits them as well
  • Simplifies the overly complicated system we have currently
  • Opens up the ability for commerce to move without layers of taxation
  • Eases the animosity between high and low-income earners
  • Gets our country moving in the right direction, Forward.
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